February 4, 2021

Jonesboro, Ark:   Officials from the Play It Again Sports Jonesboro Open – Presented by Prodigy have announced the tournament is at full capacity.  This is the fifth year for the Disc Golf Pro Tour event in Jonesboro and this will be the highest number of participants in that time.  Registration for the event opened on January 1, 2021 and capacity was reached in just thirty-two days.

Capacity for the 2021 Jonesboro Open is 372 players; 156 Professionals and 216 Amateurs.  That is an increase of 72 Amateur players from previous years.  This higher capacity was made possible due to the City of Jonesboro expanding Craighead Forest Park disc golf course from 27 holes to 36 holes in 2020.  With that expansion, there are now four, 18-hole disc golf courses in Jonesboro as well as one 9-hole course.

One of the surprise outcomes of the 2020 pandemic is the explosive growth of outdoor activities, disc golf was one of the activities with the biggest growth in participation.   There are more people playing disc golf right now than any other time in the history of the sport.  This is evident by the record-breaking production and sales from nearly all major disc golf manufactures across the world.

The Professional side reached capacity in ten days and the 216 amateur spots filled in 32 days.  Of the 156 Professionals in the tournament, only 4 are from the state of Arkansas.  On the Amateur side, only 52 of the 216 are from Arkansas.  There are 35 states represented as well as a player from Canada.

The Play It Again Sports Jonesboro Open – Presented by Prodigy is set to take place on April 16-18 at Disc Side of Heaven and Craighead Forest Park.  As is customary with all large events, sponsors and volunteers are needed to help the event run as smoothly as possible.  To find out how you can help welcome these hundreds of visitors to town or become a sponsor, visit or email

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Brad Pietz

Jonesboro Open Tournament Director